To Expecting Families


Thank you for taking the time to view our profile and choosing adoption for your child.

We know this is a hard decision for you, but we want to assure you we will love and nurture your child unconditionally. 

We will give your child every opportunity to grow and build on the same strengths, caring and compassion, which it took for you to choose adoption.

We know you want to make the best decision for you and your child and we hope that we can be that family that will give your child the best possible future.

Our Story

We found each other through chance and knew right away it would be forever. Our families had known each other for a long time and somehow it came to be that we met. 

We are now going on three years of marriage and we are continuing to build our life together. Our wedding was located in a beautiful outdoor venue with a small group of friends and family. Just last year we bought our first house and in that time we have done everything to make it ours.

Reasons Teresa Will Make a Great Mom...


  • She will always put them first.
  • She will teach them to dream and make those dreams happen.
  • She will teach them to be creative.
  • She will bring them on adventures.
  • She will play the piano for them.
  • She will teach them to be caring and giving to others.
  • She will know exactly what to do when they are sick.
  • She will be there through every good and every bad day.
  • She will love them unconditionally.

Reasons Nathan Will Make a Great Dad...

  • He will teach them to play board games.
  • He will take them to play at the park.
  • He will be there for every event and through every achievement.
  • He will encourage them through every challenge.
  • He will make silly jokes and make them laugh.
  • He will be there to help them achieve their goals.
  • He will always remind them that they are loved.


I'm Teresa

I'm the youngest in my family. I grew up spending a lot of time doing what I love which is either playing the piano or drawing.

I worked my way through college to get my lifelong dream of becoming a nurse. In the same year I had a beautiful wedding, and I was also blessed to receive my degree. Ever since, I have been working at the same job and am happy to make a difference in lives every day.

I've grown to love the outdoors and find myself enjoying activities including hiking, fishing and swimming. We often spend time with my family at the lake during the summer. I also love to travel and spend time finding new destinations to see.

I'm Nathan


I am also the youngest in my family. I grew up playing sports and have continued to be actively part of softball teams and flag football. I love outdoor activities like fishing and swimming; however, I just as much prefer the days indoors with a good book or occasional game.

I am very close to my family, although they don't live close by. We both love to travel to see my niece and nephew. They have both grown so much and are curious by nature. They would love to have another family member to explore the world with.

I'm also a caregiver working in home care. I take care of individuals who need monitoring or help at home. I find my job very fulfilling as I help individuals to be able to continue to have quality of life at home without requiring a facility. I can't wait to build our family and share with them the fun of board games and outdoor activities.

Our Family


Even though we are waiting to be parents, we have learned a lot of patience with our dog.


She is an Australian shepherd and is going on three years old. She loves to get in trouble and definitely has a mischievous gene.


You know when family is nearby because her tail does not stop wagging and she loves to play with our friends' kids whenever they stop by.

To Our Child

Just as we make a commitment to each other, we will make the same commitment to you. Our love will be everlasting and no matter what comes, we will be there. We want to be that guide through every obstacle, all the while holding your hand.

Contact Us

Please feel free to contact our adoption attorney directly:

Mr. Mark Iverson

921 West Broadway Avenue, Spokane, Washington 99201, United States

509-462-3678 Thank you again for considering us. We look forward to growing our family.